Ultra WaterPure Drinking Water Purifier

Date Posted:2 November 2016 

  1. Save $$$$$               
  2. You won't need to buy drinking water          
  3. No Smell, Taste or Harmful Residues        
  4. Non- Chlorine Product
  5.  No chemical sensitivities or allergies    
  6.  Allows safe storage of tank water for several months between trips

Ultra WaterPure is used to purify drinking water & stored water from microbial contamination in containers or  water tanks, in Caravans, Motorhomes, Boats and all similar applications.WaterPure will remove local taste and smell, it does not impart any odour or taste to water and it is non-corrosive at in use concentrations. It does not combine with any organic material in the water to form toxic compounds , as can occur with Chlorine, and it releases Oxygen as it breaks down to further enhance water quality, leaving no residue.

WaterPure contains pure silver ions as a unique stabiliser that provides stability under high temperatures and enhanced effect on long term microbial control.

Note: The active ingredients in Ultra WaterPure formulation are included in chemicals recomended for use in the treatment of drinking water, published in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.