Water Filters Explained

Water filters make a huge difference to the quality and taste of the water we use and there is a huge range available. The BioMagic range of RV filters are all Australian Standards approved and easy to use. They are designed to remove sedimet rust and dirt, while the 100% coconut carbon we use removes most  chemicals, some metals, smell, taste and  most or all  biology.depending on your requirements. There are many different types for the different requirements, so please tell us what you need to achieve and we can suggest the correct unit for your Caravan, Boat, Motorhome or specific need. We can offer filters for Tank water, Town water, creek and Dam water and also a range of Reverse Osmosis filters portable & fitted too.

Range available:

  • Single re-fillable Inline Filters  which can be used in the hose line on mains pressure, 12v pump, or gravity feed.
  • Cannister style single or double units  which can also be used in the hose line, or mounted and will take mains pressure, 12 v pump or gravity feed.
  • Domestic type units for undersink and above bench.
  • Domestic rainwater tank filters.
  • Reverse Osmosis systems for 3 stage to 7 stage process and portable as well.
  • Special water softeners and UV units as well


New!! We now have filters that are able to filter down to 0.1Micron and operate down to 25psi.

Tell us what you would like to achieve and we will send you the many options available to choose from.