Treatment for all Portable Toilets and Cassettes

BioMagic Concentrate for all Waste Tanks
BioMagic now has a new much more concentrated version of BioMagic. It means its half the size and less than haf the weight, but still the same great product just use half the dose you used to.

It comes in many sizes

                                      250ml  approx 15 doses       

                                      500ml   approx 32 doses (thats 16 weeks

                                       if you change it 2 x a week)

                                     1L   approx 65 doses               

                                     2.5L  approx 165 doses  (thats approx 80 weeks

                                     if you change it 2 x week)

                                     5L   approx   330 doses. ( thats 160 weeks approx)


If you have a separate flush tank then we suggest you use fresh water and optional 2-3 drops of any dishwashing liquid on every second or third fill up. With a direct water supply you only use the water. 

For the Base tank make sure you have the fresh water at least an inch deep or enough to cover any ridges in the base of the tank, then add 15ml and shake to mix it evenly. It does not look much but it works well. 

The only time you will need to add more is if the temperature is over 25 degrees and you want to leave the toilet longer than 3 days then just add another 15ml and a couple of flushes and give it a bit of a shake up. The Loo will then go another 3 days if you need it and its not too full. 

Remember it can also be used for your grey water tank as well. Dilute 25ml in a 600ml bottle with water and add a capful last thing each night to keep the grey water tank odorfree and easy to empty.

Please note: cleaning all old products out is important(refer changeover procedure.