Long Drops & Pit Toilets

BioMagic has products for all types of Domestic, Commercial and   Natural waste Systems including Long Drops.

Please note You must ask a ranger or the local authorities before presuming you can add anything except human waste to any of the park  facilities.

Dry Composting Systems

For this type of unit where extra water is not very desirable a spray version of Biomagic is very suitable and willnot only increase the rate of breakdown but control and prevent most smells as well. These units rely on the bacteria in the waste digesting the products and they mostly do it in an anaerobic manner which can give off the usual septic smells. If we use a BioMagic liquid spray to clean the tube or bowl and spray the surface of the pile on a regullar basis it keeps the surface aerobic and composting faster with no smells.

It is a great idea to dribble small amounts of diluted Biomagic in on a regular basis to keep the moisture in the pile so the biology can function really well.If it gets too dry then this stops a lot of the activity and then  causes a rapid build up of waste pile that is not breaking down.


Wet Composting Systems

For these systems we suggest a regular dose of diluted Biomagic based on usage. It can be as simple as making up a solution in a bucket with water and using that to clean the bowl or tube and then pouring the rest down the loo.


We can provide site specific instructions based on usage, climate and conditions if required. Talk to us on 1800888205 or email sales@biomagic.com.au for information.