Nuklean - General Purpose Cleaner

This is the one product you can carry to do all the cleaning inside and outside of your vehicle and RV.

NuKlean Concentrate is an extraordinary cleaning product without harsh chemicals, fumes or residues.

1 litre makes up to 30 litres of usable product.

It is a fully concentrated water based cleaner that can be used on any washable surface or fabric.

It is ideal for dishes, glass & mirrors, stoves, cooktops & benches, bathrooms, toilets, walls, doors , floors, upholstery and it equally as good for cleaning vehicles, boats, caravans and  especially awnings. It is also a great laundry booster and a very safe non-abrasive cleaner on plastics, vinyl, fibreglass & plexiglass.

NuKlean is an aqueous solution containing  ingredients to remove soil ( anionic & non - anionic  surfactants), soften water and improve cleaning ability.

NuKlean can be used in different dilutions according to the application.

30:1 is for light general cleaning -  General spray & wipe use, glass, chrome, Plastics and de-fogging

20:1 is for general cleaning  -  Handbasins, sinks, showers, toilets,floors, carpet, furniture,vehicle exterior,boats sails, awnings.

5:1  is for heavy duty, blood, stainless steel, aluminium, grease , tar, BBQ's, ovens.

As a traveller it is the only cleaning product needed. I use it for my dishes  (5-6 drops), the sink, cooktop, benches, cupboards and the toilet and bathroom too. It is very safe to use on floors, upholstery, windows and all shiny surfaces too.Outside I use to clean the vehicle, RV and especially the awning. When used correctly it leaves no residue and will not harm the waterproofing either.If you have a specific question please email us at for help.


  • Make up the light spray for all the glass , mirrors and shiny surfaces
  • Make up the heavier spray for all cleaning like sink, stove, shower, toilet , floors and BBQ (its food safe)
  • Use the stronger solution for the vehicles exterior and also any awnings. 
  • Can be used to clean BBQ's as it is food safe too.