Water Filters for RVs and Caravans

Water filters are a great idea for Caravans and RVs bit where you put them  is the big issue and a personal choice..

Their job is to remove contamination from the water you are accessing no matter where you are as you travel because its very different in most parts of Australia.

The question is where do we fit the filter for the RV. Most have them after  the water tank on a  seperate drinking water tap. This means the water that comes out of that tap only is filtered for drinking and the rest of the taps do not have filtered water. From personal experience we had a huge shock at what got into our water tank ,when after 4 years it had to be replaced due to some damage.  I tried to drain the tank after removal and it stayed heavy so cut it open.There was an inch of sediment ,dirt.and black messy stuff on the bottom of the tank. It was a collection of everything that had come in with the water (mostly town water in our 4 years of travel at that stage) that we had put in our tank while travelling and who knows how much had got into our plumbing system as well.

This made me realise that to protect the water system in my RV the filter should be in the incoming water line prior to the water entering the vehicle so it protects all of the plumbing system.   I use it in the incoming water for mains pressure supply as well, as to fill the tanks, if its in the hose then it will protect the whole system all the time.

We have 2 types of filters suitable for this application.

RV Inline Filter

This filter contains silver stabilizing carbon with unique Anti-Bacterial properties for premiumwater filtration.It will give you all the benefits of a quality carbon filter with silver to prevent biological growth and kep it safe between uses.It is a refillable and servicable unit which comes complete with a second refill included in the package.This unit can be plumbed in with a PLV or most commonly used in the hose line between tap and tank.

Note:We don not recommend opening the unit unless there is a need to service it like , drop in pressure or change in taste or smell.


A single refillable silver activated carbon RV filter which can be cleaned and serviced,no need to throw it away and buy a new one, just refill it.  It acts as both the sediment and carbon filter , does not cause a huge drop in pressure, stops all dirt,sediment,rust, removes smell,taste ,chlorine and bugs from the water as it comes through.

. So if you are using just a sediment filter then its taking all the particles of sediment ,rust and dirt out of the water before it reaches the end user


Some of the most common  problems we come across with filtration in RV's is the drop in pressure when using a filter , and the risk taken when you have used a filter then finish your trip and have to decide how to preserve it or make the filter safe until next use because it will contain bugs, dirt & sediment from any water you have put through it. 

Drop in pressure.

This can be a problem if you buy any standard domestic filter block type cartridge as they are designed to be used at full town pressure not the low pressure we get in some caravan parks and also when we use a 12 v  pump. 

They also need to be refrigerated between uses as the bugs and dirt trapped in them from the water will have a warm moist environment  in which they  can survive and or change to survive in. Some will turn anaerobic or nasty and to stop the contents going rotten or turning anaerobic when not being used for periods of time they need to refigerated below 4 degrees C.  The alternative is if you are home for months then you can remove the cartridge and rinse it off, dry it thoroughly in the sun before storing it till next time.