Descale It - what can it do?

De Scale It is a powerful liquid designed to dissolve all water scale, lime, rust & other water formed deposits. It is a very fast acting liquid product which can be used on jugs & kettles, Urns , showers, toilets and portable toilets etc.

For example in a jug that has built up some sediment and scale. Pour into an empty cool jug  about 100-150 mls and swirl around all areas with a problem for a few minutes. You will see it changing as you do it, pour the concentrate back in the bottle for future use and rinse thoroughly with fresh water, then fill and boil once before use. With a jug the solution can often be used a few times.

It is very easy to use and must be washed off thoroughly with water afterwards but it is septic safe.

To clean out a cassette toilet that has some scale or build up on the bottom of the bottom tank. Sit it flat on the ground with the slide closed but the outer cover back out of the way. Pour enogh DeScaleIt into the circle to just cover the slide area and leave  pour in  125-250mls depending on how bad and how big it is. Now pick it up and swirl the concentrated product around all areas that have scale on them for at least 4-5 minutes, you can let it sit flat , then on its side, then on the othe side and if you close the slide you can sit it on its roof for a few minutes. Now stand on the end  with the filler uppermost and fill with fresh water ,with the product still in there too. Soak standing up for 34-8 hours then empty ,rinse well twice and its ready to go.

Always dry off and re-oil the slide and seals with olive oil or cooking oil.

Ifyou have a  top tank or flush  ( not everyone has one) and it  needs a clean then add 1/4 cup bleach and fill with water, pump or run the water for a few seconds and top up again, then soak for 3-4 hours before pumping some more then drain and rinse well twice before filling with fresh water only.