BioMagic Concentrate for All Waste Tanks

Author: Jacquie Harris   Date Posted:17 January 2020 

BioMagic has a new version of the BioMagic for toilets. It is now super concentrated and therefore half the size, half the weight and more cost effetive.It is a very stable product wiith an endless shelf life , not affected by heat or cold..

This product is designed for the treatment of all types of toilets from Portable Toilets,Cassettes,Any Holding Tank Type toilet,Composting Toilets,Grey Water Tanks and Hoses, Septic Tanks and any other Biological Waste  Systems.

For a traveller it means one product does the following and its very effective with no Harsh Chemicals or Chemical smells, Bacteria, Enzymes, Bleaches or other nasty or dangerous  products.

Less weight to carry      Smaller to store a quantity in vehicle for a long trip,   Dont have to buy so often as it goes much further,   Cost per dose can be as low as  0.58 c per use.

Can be used for Toilets, Grey Water and Odorstop spray,   100% environmentally safe and sustainable.    

Comes in several sizes

BioMagic concentrate for all waste tanks 250ml 15 doses $19.95
  500ml 30 doses $39.00
  1L 60 Doses $68.00
  2.5L 160 Doses $109.00
  5L 320 doses $209.00