Large RV Holding Tanks

Large RV Holding Tanks

Large RV & Marine Holding Tanks:

BioMagic Concentrate for all  Waste tanks is designed to make it very simple and effective to treat  all liquid and solid waste in larger holding tanks. Treat at the rate of 50ml per 100 litres of capacity in gradual  doses. We recommend you add half the required dose with at least  2-3 inches of water in the base of the tank. Then add more after 4-5 days or when tank reaches half full.  Or if not using a lot then treat at 15ml per adult per week. Adding a couple of extra flushes when leaving it for a few days will help continue its work and keep it moist . If you only use it sporadically add 30 mls per 2 people per week. 

For example: !00 litre black waste tank with 2 people using it.  Add 4-5 litres of water to the tank with about 50 mls of BioMagic for large waste tanks to start off .After 4-5 days or when it is half full add another 50 mls with a cuople of flushes of water .

Note: It is very important to remove all old chemical products before using BioMagic.

Change-over instructions: 

Large Holding tanks: Empty the tank completely then fill with water & 2 x times normal

dose of BioMagic plus 5-6 drops of dishwashing liquid. Agitate or drive a little if possible.

Soak for 12-24 hours then drain. Set up as normal.

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