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Introducing Biomagic
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 BioMagic continues in its research and  development of new economic, effective & environmentally   sustainable products for waste and water systems, cleaning and maintenance.



A single dose of WaterPure will neutralise the risk of
biological contamination in water intended for drinking, leaving no taste, smell, or residues when used as instructed. For travellers it means if the water in your tanks is treated with Waterpure and you have finished your trip the water will not change or deteriorate while sitting at home between trips. No more worrying about what is growing in the tank between trips. 

NEW!!      WaterPure Tank Sanitiser
A 125 ml dose will treat up to 200 litres of tank capacity. Just add the treatment  to an empty tank & fill to full with fresh  water, run a little through the lines by turning on the taps, then  soak for at least 8-24 hours. Run half out through the taps ,and drain the rest,  no rinsing required. Leaves no smell, taste or residues so the tank can be used immediately.

DE-Scale-It   A new quick & easy way to clean the mineral (grout) or water scale  build-up out of your cassette or portable toilet, jug or kettle. Follow instructions and always rinse well with fresh water.






BioMagic LOO DROPS has been released.

It is a new improved dry granular form of BioMagic.  Only 1/3 of the weight and 1/3 of the size. It has all the same uses & benefits of the liquid product but much more compact.
There are 3 sizes available.


Size    no of uses    RRP
350gm 35 changes $35.00
600gm 60 changes $47.50
1250gm 125 changes $85.00

 BioMagic has established itself as an Environmental Solutions company which provides 100% environmentally sustainable products and solutions  which work with and promote nature.  When used as advised they leave no environmental footprint or detriment. They  do not leave any trace in the environment as they are consumed entirely in the job they do.  
 BioMagic has combined innovation and technology to work with natures own powerful resources to provide a solution for odour,  waste control and many other applications.  Simple, effective and environmentally friendly, our solutions oxygenate the setting, feeding naturally occurring bacteria-accelerating natural cycles of waste and odour  elimination. Our products  are equally effective in the air, liquid or solid waste situationsand have many benefits in and on the soil .
Now we have moved forward to develop and include  some new products designed to compliment the BioMagic range .
Drinking water quality and availability is a major
concern on the road and in the home in this country and we have may options in our range.
We now can provide an entire "ECO" package which takes care of Toilets, Grey water, Odour, Laundry, all Cleaning and now safe drinking Water treatment.
  It is effective , saves money, storage space, water and most of all has no detriment to the environment.

All BioMagic’s products are non toxic, non hazardous and 100% environmentally friendly.  Our large range of products is suitable for Rv, Leisure, Domestic, Industrial and Commercial   applications


There is a range of BioMagic products available for all types of RV toilets, Grey water and many other uses and this has now increased.



You can have a Portable or RV toilet or holding tank of any type  without the

 dangerous chemicals and chemical smells!!

BioMagic is a single product which can be used for for both top and bottom tanks. It is safe to handle, easy to use, saves you money and its easier to find a place to empty it because its 100% Environmentally Sustainable and can do no damage to any type of waste system like the chemicals do.
Note: Most vans these days do not have a dedicated flush tanks so they just use fresh water to flush. If you are operating a Biomagic toilet you can also just use fresh water in the flush tank too. Save some money and product.


For anyone who uses a portable toilet,  cassette toilet or a holding tank  toilet in a caravan, motorhome ,camper or fifth wheeler.


I have a question for you." Have you ever read the information on the package or the bottle of product you use for your loo?"
A lot of these products have very special safety, health  and handling requirements on them as well as specific dosing info.
For your own healths sake, the environment's  safety and your vehicles equipment I would like to suggest you do a bit of reading before using it. Some products don't have a lot of info on them but you can ask the manufacturer or visit their website on the net and ask for an MSDS for the product. We have a lot of imported and dangerous products being marketed in this industry and as consumers we are not very careful. Just have a look at this for your self and be more aware, it will make it safer for you and your vehicle too.


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