Biomagic for Large Waste Tanks

Author: Jacquie Harris   Date Posted:1 March 2015 

BioMagic is a pure Bio-stimulant for treating any toilet or grey water system.

BioMagic Heavyduty treatment for all waste tanks is an effective natural product for use in any type of waste system from a small portable toilet, cassette or holding tank , to a grey water system or any septic or biological waste system. A very simple and safe product which is  cost effective, it has no overwhelming chemical smells,no bacteria, enzymes, no biocides or nasty chemicals and contains no bleaches or disinfectants.

It comes in a  liquid form which is very safe and easy to use and store with a very long  shelf life.  The end product  or treated waste can be safely emptied into any type of  waste system at all without causing any harm.

 BioMagic heavyduty quickly processes the waste tank contents in an aerobic condition, so it ends up as liquid compost water & a little carbon dioxide and  it can be disposed of into any type of waste system without causing any harm , it will in fact increase the activity in the receiving waste system.

Small toilets, portable toilets, cassettes  up to 30L

In smaller toilets add 30ml of Heavyduty and at least an inch of water to the base tank and just fresh water to any flush tank you may have ( not all have a flush tank)  and this will process up to 30 L of black waste.  In really hot humid weather if you need the Loo to last more than 3-4 days then you can add another dose and a couple of flushes and it will go another few days if you can fit it in.a

Large Holding Tanks ( Over 30L)

In large holding tanks treat at 50ml per 50 L in gradual doses, or start with 50ml and at least 1-2  inches of water in the base then add 50ml per person per week or a little more freqently in the very hot weather.Always keep the liquid level above the waste so everything is under the treaqtment solution. There is no ntreatment in the air above the solution.

Grey water tanks in RV's

For grey water treatment add 15ml (1 capful) down any drain in the vehicle or house with half a cup of water once a day while in use. If you have a large grey tank dose it gradually at the  rate of 25 ml per 50 litres of water. For a big clean up add 50ml per 100L capacity and fill to the max, leave to soak for 3-4 hours then drain ready to use.

For a toilet with no smells, easy to operate & clean, grey water that does not smell & leaves the tank clean and odour free use Biomagic Heavyduty for all waste tanks. On a cost per dose basis it is one of the cheapest on the market.

It comes in 3 sizes

1 litre  $38.00       30 doses for a Portable, Cassette toilet / treats 1000 Litres of Black waste / 2000 litres of Grey water

5 litre   $109.00   150 doses for a Portable, Cassette toilet / treats 5,000 Litres of Black waste / 10,000 litres of Grey water

10 litre   $215.00   300 doses for a Portable, Cassette toilet / treats 10,000 Litres of Black waste / 20,000 litres of Grey water