How do I setup my portable toilet or Cassette toilet

Make sure the toilet tanks are cleaned properly if they have had any other chemical treatment in them. Refer to change over procedure if necessary.

1. Add at least an inch of fresh water (or enough to just cover the baffles on the base of the waste tank directly below the center hole ) with 30 ml of Biomagic Heavy duty for all waste tanks or 1 white 10 gram scoop of LooDrops.

2. If you have a separate flush tank then fill it with fresh water only.  (You can add a capful of BioMagic if you wish but this is optional)

The toilet is now toilet is ready to use. 

Handy Hint for toilet use  & maintenance:

When you go to use the loo

(I fill a spray bottle with water & 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid and keep it by the loo)

1. Always open the lid

Open the slide first and then wet the bowl by flushing a little water or spray with the  soapy water until its completely wet, before use, then  you will not need as much flush after to complete the job. Because the bowl is wet & slippery everything delivers to the bottom tank much quicker and more completely, and this will help keep the bowl clean & stop the build up of uric acid on the slide and rubber seals.

Use this bottle as your cleaner for the loo as well and it will keep it nice without any damage to the surfaces.

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